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March 06, 2017
Video Surveillance is Transforming Urban Transportation

As cities are becoming more densely populated, transportation is becoming increasingly difficult. New systems and technologies are needed to efficiently move large volumes of people from place to place..... Read more >

November 17, 2016
Three Reasons Businesses Benefit from Video Data

The phrase “big data” has been popular in the business world for some years now. Yet the term has been used in so many different ways that you may still be confused about what it means and how your business can leverage it to spur growth..... Read more >

October 18, 2016
How to Deliver User-Friendly Smart Home Experiences

One aspect often overlooked is the totality of the end-user experience, including a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as at every touch point where the end user interacts with the device. The ease with which customers can control a connected endpoint, using a variety of devices and services, is critical to their overall satisfaction with a connected product..... Read more >

September 20, 2016
Power Saving Tips for Battery-Powered IoT Devices

You’ve hit a big roadblock in your quest to design the ultimate battery-powered connected technology: Your device works perfectly, but it only works for half a day before running out of electricity.... Read more >

August 16, 2016
Top Questions to Ask When Looking for an IoT Platform

You and your colleagues are sold on the Internet of Things (IoT). At this point, you are looking to start integrating smart solutions (like IP-enabled cameras and smart sensors) into your business to boost productivity and drive profits... Read more >

July 21, 2016
Thinking Beyond the Smart Home

From a business perspective, the smart home solutions market is very alluring. It’s easy to see why: consider that, by 2022, a typical home could have more than 500 smart devices... Read more >

June 23, 2016
How Healthcare Providers Can Plan for the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is undergoing some minor growing pains within the healthcare industry. Last year, overall adoption of machine-to-machine technology within the sector reached just 28 percent... Read more >

June 09, 2016
Exploring the Relationship Between the IoT and 5G

Excitement is building around fifth-generation—or 5G— connectivity and the impact that it will have on the Internet of Things (IoT). 5G represents the next generation in telecommunications... Read more >

May 19, 2016
Use Video Surveillance To Drive New Consumer Revenue Opportunities

Taipei, Taiwan – In part 1 of this series, we showed you how video analytic technologies are playing a big role in helping B2B enterprises drive revenues and reduce overall operating costs... Read more >

May 17, 2016
Use Video Surveillance to Boost Operational Efficiency In The Enterprise

Your enterprise has long been using closed-circuit cameras for video surveillance purposes. For the most part, this technology has done a great job of keeping your organization safe from unauthorized intruders... Read more >