Scalable IoT solutions for any business

Everyday Devices to Grow Your Business

As the number of connected devices grow, the more intelligent they will become. Devices will be able to communicate with users and between devices to generate intelligence and valuable insights. With the Kalay Platform, businesses can integrate different types of services tailored to improve customer experience, while maximizing business opportunities with IoT.

Home Automation

Supports home automation systems to provide easy, single-app real-time monitoring and response for every home device, with tracking records and acquired data. Users will be able to control for HVAC systems, environmental monitoring, lighting, entry points, audio and video systems.


Provides total access to every point with video streaming solutions, to enable monitoring of infants, children, elders, or pets anytime and anywhere. For industry, the Kalay platform empowers existing devices with easy setup, helping to reduce customer support costs.


Allows user to remote access and control DVR/NVR and adjust settings, record or live view multi-channels. Patented quick setup process for cameras without complex networking configurations.

Personal Storage

Allows for access to data files anytime, anywhere with mobile device–based download to home storage. Users can enjoy smooth and reliable transmission of videos and music on demand, with backup to the personal cloud system from mobile devices.