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Improved Operational Efficiency for Swann

Swann is a global leader in security monitoring solutions, leisure devices, and IT peripherals, targeting consumers through retail channels. Swann was founded in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia and now has offices in the USA, Australia, China and Hong Kong with global distribution through partners around the world.


Conventional DDNS and port mapping (port forwarding) require complex network knowledge and settings. Swann’s device setup required manual configuration and technical familiarity on the part of the end users. As a result, Swann faced a number of customer complaints and high volumes of returned merchandise, which affected both its revenue and expenses.


In order to integrate a plug-and-play capability for its devices, Swann needed to develop a product with simplified settings that enhanced both ease of setup and use. To achieve this, Swann sought a partner to provide a holistic P2P connection-based solution. ThroughTek's complete surveillance solution provides instant access to every point in the system, while delivering ease of setup. Through the Kalay Platform, Swann is also able to deliver increased quality of service and improved operations, by enabling users to establish surveillance system for monitoring end points anytime and anywhere.

The integration of Kalay Platform provides various ready-to-use APIs allowing Swann to establish connections for devices while reducing overall product development cycle. Initially, Swann applied P2P connection for IP Camera solutions, but has since successfully expanded application of the Kalay Platform to its DVR, NVR, and SDI product lines.

  • Time to Market
  • Reduction in complexity of network configuration and automation enables Swann to rapidly deploy new services to consumers

  • Cost Reduction
  • A simplified network configuration resulted in a decline of customer support calls leading to an 80% reduction in after-sales service operating expenditures

  • Quality of Service
  • Improve relationship with customers by providing enhanced services that meet their business needs and further generate positive market demand