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Remote Battery Camera Monitoring with OmniVision

OmniVision Technologies is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Its imaging technology has enabled superior image quality in a multitude of consumer and commercial devices today, including mobile phones, notebooks, webcams, security and surveillance, entertainment, digital still and video cameras, automotive, and medical imaging systems.


One of the major challenges with portable devices is finding a solution to preserve its battery life. Due to their weak power source, wire-free battery cameras tend to be unreliable when used to run remote services. Battery cameras in sleep mode are unable to capture events in time even after they are activated by PIR sensors or turned on by a user. For this reason, device makers find it difficult to balance consumer demands for extending battery life while also offering remote and recording services.


ThroughTek has developed a solution to address battery life issue for devices by leveraging OmniVision’s low power video processor OV788/RTOS chipset, allowing for quick device start up and enabling consumers to wake devices in power saving mode without a gateway. ThroughTek's connection technology also enables battery cameras to stream audio and video over public networks, which can be applied to dashcams and doorphones. In security applications, this allows for remote monitoring and cloud recording without delays from virtually anywhere.

  • Advanced Smart Link
  • Delivers fast and easy connectivity between battery-operated devices and routers simplifying initial setup process.

  • Two-Way Communication
  • Designed to support surveillance systems and devices that require real-time simultaneous streaming of audio-visual data.

  • Remote Wake-Up
  • Instantly access battery cameras in sleep or power saving mode by allowing users to “wake-up” devices connected to a WAN.

  • Alert Notifications
  • Send notifications with live-view when doorbell is triggered so that users can see who is at the door even while being away.