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Experience Two-Way Communication Anytime

The Kalay Platform uses groundbreaking technology to enable video transmission on devices and real-time two-way communication for intercoms and multi-party video conferencing. A cost-effective solution for high-quality data transmissions that can easily be integrated to companion robots, mobile devices, Android TVs, smart buildings and various applications to create a safe and convenient environment for the smart home.

Companion Robot
Video Conferencing System
Android TV
Wireless Video Doorbell
Residential Doorphone

Check-in Whenever from Anywhere

With the combination of artificial intelligence and the Kalay Platform’s video transmission technology, ThroughTek integrates video surveillance and security applications to smart home products enabling two-way communication and video streaming solutions so that monitoring and connecting with children, elders, or pets is easy even while away.

Two-Way Stream in Real Time

The Kalay Platform uses two-way audio and video streaming with echo and noise cancellation for exceptional full duplex communication.

Multi-Party Video Calls

A group video call that supports up to 4-people displayed on screen at the same time, allowing users to interact with each other whenever they are on smart devices.

Manage Accounts and Contacts

Easily manage address books and stay in touch with contacts and groups at any time.

Solutions that Improve Everyday Experiences

Kalay Platform’s latest video transmission technology combines group video call functions with high-quality two-way calls to deliver advanced applications to meet users’ needs.

Designed for Companion Robots

Connect with family members from a distance on devices whenever to ensure that the needs of people that matter the most are met.

Wireless Video Doorbell

Monitor the door and confirm the identity of visitors from a smartphone or directly speak to anyone on the property from anywhere.

Residential Intercom

Directly communicate with security guards or visitors on intercom systems through an intuitive app using two-way video calls.