Scalable IoT solutions for any business

Surveillance Designed for Smarter Protection

State of the art surveillance solution made easy for quick setup to connected camera devices and improved protection with advanced monitoring. With security designed for home or business owners and retailers, peace of mind extends beyond monitoring with remote control, event captures and instant alerts to deliver smarter protection around the clock.

Flexible Plans for Security Reassurance

Know what's happening at all times. Monitor and record with Kalay VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) for support of full-time or event recordings with an intuitive account and device management interface.

Live Streaming Service

Cost-effective solution with concurrent connectivity. Directly connect to devices to monitor different end points without delays.

Cloud Recording

Full-time and event-based recording plans for 7 or 30 days. Capture 30-second footage for abnormal activity. Continuous recording with event tags to store motion detection events.

Seamless Experience for Remote Surveillance

Simple plug and play solution to instantly access camera devices. Watch live streams or video recordings on an intuitive interface dedicated for effective security management.

Simultaneously view live streaming of what's going on in different locations all on a single screen.

Preview video recordings and event captures on timeline, plus send alerts with text, image or video to user.

Easily download recorded videos and share event clip with others through social media or mail.

Cross platform and support for different OS, browsers, and devices.